Friday, 23 November 2012

Baru nak update?!

Miss Somebody? 

Hey peeps. OKAYY. Dah BERZAMAN dah tak update blog. Nak tau tiba-tiba update? Haha, bila tengok my friend, Princess Bieber kita, punya blog, tiba tiba nak update pulaa. Haa, ni link our lovely princess tu hee~ View me . 

Hmmm, selesai dengan what so ever. Orang cakap, salah satu fungsi blog ni adalah tempat meluahkan perasaan. So here it is. AKU RINDU SCION ZEALOUS ! But I didnt say i dont love my new batch :) fuh. haha. But seriously, I do miss them. How we were , our jokes, our togetherness. But we still contact each other :). I know this is a boring topic but thats not the point. We are SEPERATED into 10 different maktabs. Can you imagine?! We loved each other. It hurt us very much. 10 different places ! Its not easy to forget man . Me? Im just stuck at Kuantan with a new lovely batch. Ceh rasa cam orang British je . Haha, anywaysssss, nak sangat jumpa ane batch again. All of us. I know , susah. But I really hope that, that day will come for us. Just wait :) 

This is us :)

Babai, nak mandi. muehehehehe.